Vault & Vator




Menu subject to change without notice


Don't Fear the Reaper

blanco tequila, carolina reaper tincture, aperol, grapefruit sherbet, lime, honey, simple syrup


Vow of Silence

mezcal, green chartreuse, cacao nib infused luxardo maraschino, lime, mole bitters


Melancholy Ninja  

fernet branca, bourbon, ninja warrior cold brew, habanero honey


Chef Goes 'Nanners

banana infused dark rum, pineapple rum, dry orange curacao, allspice dram, lime, cinnamon bark syrup


Italian American

buffalo trace bourbon, cognac, cocchi americano, amaro, luxardo maraschino


Lavender Fields  

honeysuckle vodka, lavender-vanilla liqueur, crème de violette, pineapple, lemon, cardamom syrup, topped with butterfly pea tea



Old Man & the Sea

mount gaye silver rum, key lime juice, luxardo maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, simple syrup



plymouth gin, luxardo maraschino, creme de violette, lemon


French 75

st. george dry rye gin, lemon, simple, sparkling wine


Whiskey Sour*  

bourbon, egg white, house made sour mix

*add cherry or raspberry liqueur for 1.



james pepper 1776 rye, peychaud's bitters, absinthe, simple, lemon twist



Modern Medicine

dewar's white label scotch, laphroaig 10 yr., habenero honey, lemon


That's Amari

bulleit rye, lucano amaro, fry orange curacao, kirsch, lemon, egg white, simple


Pina Pisco Sour

pineapple infused pisco, vanilla simple, lemon, egg white


Fall Fashioned  

rye whiskey, maple syrup, spiced cranberry bitters, black walnut bitters


Beer Jam Manhattan   

bourbon, beer jam syrup, angostura bitters, orange bitters



Choose two words

 floral                  fruity                 herbal

smoky                 sour                    sweet

        spicy                   bitter                refreshing

 fizzy                  boozy